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Control Office Supplies partner with Cleenol Group Ltd

Control Office Supplies and Cleenol Group Limited are both independent private family owned businesses based in the South of England. It is because of this synergy that we have come together to offer our clients the ‘best in service’ when supplying professional and industrial cleaning products.

Control Office Supplies have been supplying traditional FM and cleaning supplies for over 30 years. These products range from mops to hoovers, light bulbs to ladders. Until now we have only offered transactional cleaning products that can also be sourced from your local supermarket.

Having now partnered with the UK’s premier cleaning chemical manufacturer “Cleenol” we can now offer a truly unique solution to our new and existing clients.

Over 30 years ago an idea grew in the mind of a young energetic stationery salesman. He wanted to offer his customers a quality tailored service, based on understanding their key problems and finding solutions. And so this vision was firmly cemented in the foundations of the company.

Once established, the business quickly grew, embedding our core values, which we remain true to today, those of trust, understanding, collaboration, and quality service.

By maintaining those values some of the first accounts we opened almost 30 years ago are still working in partnership with us today.

We remain an independent family business. We have grown stronger in a competitive market, and understand the pressures on our customers, and the need for value. We will only thrive if our customers thrive, so we want to work with you in partnership.


Cleenol is an independent private family owned and run company which can trace its roots back to the early 1700s. All of their products are manufactured in the UK and reach all legal requirements in their field. Their products are formulated to industrial strength for the professional market.

It has always been the company’s philosophy to provide the best quality hygiene and cleaning products together with the best possible service for our customers.  It is not enough to manufacture and supply.  They believe it is their responsibility and duty to ensure that customers are trained in the safe, efficient and economical use of their products. This includes helping them choose the right products for the purpose, providing backup training materials, wall charts and guides, helping them maintain the highest levels of health and safety, and being on hand when required to answer their needs.
The company’s main focus is to provide improved product performance, increased health and environmental safety and enhanced customer benefit. From Hotels to Hospitals, airports to supermarkets, leisure centres to schools or the factory floor, each product in Cleenol’s general or bespoke range of cleaning solutions is formulated to provide the highest standards in domestic, commercial and industrial hygiene technology.


Please contact us on 0208 665 6505 or fill out an online enquiry form for more information. We can then arrange a visit from one of our specialist representatives to discuss your specific requirements

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